Cleaning // in the electronics industry

matthes elektronik

The electronics industry is and will remain one of the biggest industries of the future. Manufacturers and processing companies pursue a common goal in this industry which is to guarantee process reliability and fail-safe end functions. MATTHES meets these important criteria with carefully designed cleaning solutions for the electronics industry, including the cleaning of printed circuit boards and assemblies (PCB cleaning), the cleaning of screens and stencils, etc.

The cleaning of assemblies is an elementary production step, especially in cases where sensitive and expensive modules are used. In order to prevent malfunctions, the assembled PCBs must be cleaned thoroughly so as to remove production residues and impurities picked up from the environment and in the handling processes. Fluxing agent, rosin, resin, copper oxide and soldering aids are carefully removed in this process. Please note that our cleaning solutions also ensure the conservation of value of misprints and the optical quality of your electronic components.


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