Cleaning // of components for the automotive industry

Matthes Automotive

The automotive industry is driven by innovation. With each new series of models, the complexity of the vehicles increases – and so do the requirements for cleanliness. This is because even the smallest particles of dirt can prevent the processes from running smoothly and compromise cleanliness which is essential for the quality of individual components.

As a technology-led and innovation-driven company, MATTHES is therefore the ideal partner for the automotive industry when it comes to cleaning components, engines, transmissions and metal parts as well as in-line cleaning. We know your business – and we know that there is a maximum particle size distribution tolerance for sensitive components like steering or brake parts.

Based on our experience, we can say that coordinated cleaning steps have proven to be effective, especially in multistage process chains in metal forming and machining production processes. This is the way to ensure that dirt cannot accumulate, media cannot be mixed, and dirt cannot dry on the components. The necessary succession of cleaning steps is individually adapted to your requirements and integrated in your process chain.

Aqua Clean Special Cleaning System for an 8-ton engine block – Part 1


Aqua Clean Special Cleaning System for an 8-ton engine block – Part 2