Cleaning and degreasing systems // for hardening shops, metal before and after hardening


Water-based cleaning offers clear advantages over other processes, especially in applications involved in hardening processes. MATTHES has already facilitated numerous projects in partnership and cooperative arrangements characterised by trust in the field of cleaning and degreasing systems for hardening shops. Some of the projects have also taken the company beyond the borders of Germany.

The thorough cleaning of components before and after heat treatment is an integral part of heat treatment processes today. Both particulate and film deposits can be reliably removed with our water-based cleaning solutions. The positive environmental aspect of this process has also proved to be an essential criterion for many of our customers.

Single-stage and multistage systems are available, some of them with integrated drying stages. The quality of the results can be improved not only by mechanical and thermal indicators but also by the system technology and the choice of cleaning agent. MATTHES has a range of products geared to the specific applications and capable of meeting the highest demands.