Rotating cage systems with immersion and optional ultrasonic cleaning function

AQUA CLEAN high-flow systems are designed for the cleaning of large quantities of components of complicated shapes.


The AQUA CLEAN high-flow machines are suitable for cleaning bulk goods and components of complicated shapes. They are often used in the final production stage where the requirements for cleanliness are particularly high. Pretreatments, such as iron phosphating before coating, can also be carried out with the high-flow machines.

Main advantages

Excellent cleanliness for parts which are difficult to access for standard spray washing systems. The short cycle time and intelligent accessories enable high productivity and maximum flexibility for integration into the existing process environment.


The machine is made of stainless steel and has a rotating cage inside, a tank system and a manual or automatic conveyor system. A supplementary ultrasonic cleaning function is available as an optional extra.

Technical specifications: 

Aqua Clean Rotating cage system


BUPI CLEANER Cleaning system for pallet cages with fully-automatic operations