Immersion and ultrasonic cleaning systems

FinnSonic Tauch-Ultraschallreinigungsanlage für die industrielle Teilereinigung


Immersion cleaning method

Immersion cleaning methods are preferred when the job entails cleaning parts with complex geometry, featuring blind holes and/or indentations, for example. When the workpiece is immersed in the cleaning solution, the chemical action of the cleaning agent removes any stubborn dirt. The cleaning effect is increased by turning or rotating the parts in the solution and/or by using ultrasonic systems.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the cavitation effect in that the bath liquid is treated with an ultrasonic generator and a synchronised vibrating system. The resulting vibrations cause minute cavities to form in the liquid and immediately collapse again. This creates strong currents and turbulence which “blast off” the dirt from the items being cleaned.

Pressure bypass cleaning

Pressure bypass cleaning is a process in which pumps draw liquid from the bath and then pump it at high pressure through a nozzle system located below the liquid level. This creates strong currents which cause turbulence to impact on the edges of the components and detach the dirt. As the liquid flows past blind holes and recesses, a suction effect is also created which sucks out the impurities contained in the holes and recesses.


FinnSonic M3

Tabletop 1.9 – 20.6-litre ultrasonic cleaners

The tabletop versions of the FinnSonic M ultrasonic cleaners are a good solution for professional use if the job involves washing a limited quantity of relatively small parts. They are typically used in the health service and laboratories, for example, and...

FinnSonic MI 120 Ultraschall-Reinigungsbecken

Ultrasonic 80 – 160-litre tank

FinnSonic MI is a compact and rapid solution for the cleaning of industrial parts. This series of models makes light work of the cleaning and maintenance of parts. The tanks in the MI series are made of wear-resistant stainless steel for demanding ...

FinnSonic Versa Genius ultrasonic cleaning systems (manual and fully automatic)

Technological developments in the manufacturing industry are placing ever higher demands on the purity of components. FinnSonic Versa Genius represents the third generation of our popular Versa series.

FinnSonic Optima customised ultrasonic cleaning systems (manual and fully automatic)

The FinnSonic Optima systems are flexible solutions in cases where high levels of capacity are required for component cleaning. FinnSonic Optima is used in various industries with the highest purity standards and capacity requirements.

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