Tank maintenance

The MATTHES-VOS 250 is a mobile vacuum oil separator with the flexibility to be connected to your existing cleaning machine(s). Process equipment is contaminated by oily workpieces. A vacuum generated by a water jet pump draws the contaminated liquid off the fluid surface in the return tank by means of a telescopic skimmer. This is then conveyed to the vacuum reservoir until it is completely filled.

The oily liquid flows through an inclined plate filter for the draining process during which the extraneous oil floats directly into an overflow and collects in the extraneous oil tank which holds approx. 15 litres. The cleaned process liquid is routed back to the cleaning process again. The oil overflow tank has a safety cut-out and switches off automatically when full. It can be emptied easily in the recycling container and then the MATTHES-VOS 250 is ready for use again. The efficiency of the cleaning process is increased in this way and, at the same time, resources and the environment are conserved.

Technical specifications: