Cleaning // of bogies, wheel sets and wheel bearings

Matthes Bahn

MATTHES has been doing contract work for high-profile rail transport companies for decades. Cleaning bogies, wheel sets and wheel bearings – many different demands are placed on the cleaning solutions for railway maintenance companies. Here at MATTHES we have the experience and the necessary expertise to work out which cleaning solutions will facilitate the necessary diagnostic findings, servicing, maintenance work, coating, quality inspections and crack detection processes.

The jobs we do might involve cleaning in cases where dirt has built up to extreme levels due to long service lifetimes and high mileage, removing enormous grease deposits – especially in the wheel bearing area – as well as handling large and heavy components, cleaning parts with complex geometries, and cleaning the insides of wheel bearings, which is a particularly difficult job, but we tackle them all with the aim of satisfying our customers, both national and international.

Aqua Clean Special Cleaning System for railway train wheelsets