Spray cleaning systems

Standard single-stage and multistage tank systems

The BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC range of systems is the talented all-rounder which is suitable for a particularly wide range of applications. AQUA CLEAN front-loading washing systems are divided into compact, single-stage and multistage tank systems.

Tunnel systems

The tunnel range is designed for the cleaning of workpieces on production lines in a continuous flow process.    

Rotating cage systems with immersion and optional ultrasonic cleaning function

AQUA CLEAN high-flow systems are designed for the cleaning of large quantities of components of complicated shapes.  

SLC systems for cleaning transport of containers and small load carriers

The BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC KLT cleaning system boasts a space-saving, compact design and simple operation. The small load carriers (SLC) are simply pushed into the large cleaning cage by hand.

Top-loader workstation systems

The systems in the BUPI CLEANER® TOPLOADER range were specially developed as workstation systems for the cleaning of industrial parts in production and maintenance. They are built to last and all the components which come into contact with the liquid are...


Precision cleaning in electronics production with the MATTHES EVO range

For industrial cleaning of workpieces in the electronics industry.



For industrial precision cleaning of workpieces in metalworking and medical technology.