Standard single-stage and multistage tank systems


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AQUA CLEAN front-loading washing systems are divided into compact, single-stage and multistage tank systems. The machines in the compact range are designed for small and medium-sized parts in the context of servicing work while the single-stage and multistage systems are used for medium-sized and large objects in production lines with links to specific product-related automation systems.

AQUA CLEAN spray wash systems are the right choice in many multinational companies. The sophisticated design and intelligent cleaning functions guarantee excellent results. The productivity of these machines is raised by their high load capacity and short cycle times. The good news for the environment is that the machines operate on a closed filter-assisted circulation system so that the same cleaning liquid can be used for longer.


Available models:





Single-stage compact systems Single-stage systems with lift-up door Dual-stage systems with lift-up door Triple-stage systems with lift-up door



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The BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC range of systems is the talented all-rounder which is suitable for a particularly wide range of applications. Its outstanding feature is its space-saving and compact design, with components being pushed into the machine on a trolley for cleaning. During the cleaning process, the parts rotate in the machine and are sprayed from three sides by a high-pressure jet of hot cleaning agent at a high flow rate. The cleaning process can be ideally adapted to your cleaning requirements by selecting and combining suitable standard options.
BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC is available with one cleaning cycle and with one or two rinsing cycles.
The machine is loaded either through a lift-up door, pull-down door or, on request, a sliding door.


Available models:




Single-stage systems with lift-up or pull-down door Dual-stage systems with lift-up or pull-down door Triple-stage systems with lift-up or pull-down door



Technical specifications: 

Theory of operation of Aqua Clean spray cleaning systems


Aqua Clean spray cleaning system with T-formed roller conveyor for alternating loading and unloading